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Ever since I started my journey in photography I had a dream to be published in an international magazine. To share my vision and stories. Yesterday, I was able to hold in my hands that dream realised in the summer volume of Hearth Magazine. To be amongst such talent and to represent Australia (and in fact the southern hemisphere!) has been such a thrill and sense of achievement for me, especially since I was able to share a place so dear to my heart. A big thank you to Tonya and Brenda who have crafted this journal of seasonal stories in such a beautifully designed volume that I’m proud to be a part of. I will be contributing to their next Autumn issue and hopefully many more to come.

Thank you to my readers and followers who have ordered a copy, for those of you in Australia this should be arriving soon! If you’d like to order a copy or subscribe, simply hop onto the Hearth website as these are still available to be ordered. Good news just in for Aussie and NZ customers –  Hearth is looking to be made available through Mag Nation.

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An excerpt from my story…

A Southwest Summer Journey: Where Ocean meets Forest

Words and Photos by Meghan Plowman

There’s something indefinable about the south west of Western Australia. Whether you are a local or international traveler, I imagine the feeling is the same to all who voyage to this special place where ocean shores meet forest.

It’s a place that holds the charm of a holiday town of old, yet offers so much more than it promises. The Busselton jetty, an icon of the region, is a meeting point for fisherman, wanderers, play time, reflection and rustic beauty…

What most visitors find is that they lose themselves in this breathing and rugged land of diverse scenes, abundance, earthy produce and the slower yet ever-constant heartbeat of a thriving land. Take a turn in these parts and you’ll leave with a fresher mind, heart and pace….

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  1. Maya @ House Nerd says: June 26, 201311:09 am

    That’s mega!! Big congratulations – how exciting it must have been to receive that in the post. It looks absolutely superb and your story is lovely too, well done.

    • Meghan Plowman says: June 26, 201312:08 pm

      Thank you Maya – that means a lot coming from you :) x

  2. Vix Pichel says: June 26, 201312:04 pm

    Thank you so much for the Typo diary answer ;)
    and here I am, loving your blog. You have a new follower, missy!

    Greetings from Argentina

    • Meghan Plowman says: June 26, 201312:07 pm

      Oh Vix thank you for your kind words! Welcome! x

  3. Sally May Mills says: June 26, 20131:00 pm

    Congratulations, a beautiful piece, and such a treat for me, being about my home town. Great to see it through another photographer’s eyes. It brings every moment I have spent on the jetty back in a flush, which makes this expat a little home sick. I hope I can get my hands on a copy to and share the joy with others.

    • Meghan Plowman says: June 26, 20133:41 pm

      Thanks Sally – I’m glad you enjoyed seeing a snippet of your home town through me! x

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